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Bike Rentals

Electric Bike Now Available for Rentals Near Zion National Park

Utah E-Bike Adventures was created to offer adventure seekers and nature lovers a way to explore the natural beauty of Zion and its surrounding areas.

Our e-bikes generally have a 45 miles per charge limit and a 750W gear motor hub. They are available as follows –


  • The Rad Runner –has peddle-assist, one-speed gear, and a rear basket.

    • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs.


  • The Rad Rover

    • Weight Capacity – 275 lbs.

    • 4” tires for off-road riding

    • Front Suspension & Seven Gears


  • The Rad Wagon

    • Weight Capacity – 350 lbs.

    • Rear Rack – support a Thule Yepp Child Seat for Two

    • Front Suspension & Seven Gears


Would you like to speak with Utah E-Bike’s staff? Please reach out to us by email, online, or telephone at 435-393-0676.

Check out our Utah E-Bike’s Terms and Conditions, which are available online.

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